Q: What versions of the Bible are included?
A: Currently, only the King James Bible is supported, but additional versions are currently under consideration.

Q: Can I search your site for specific biblical text? 
A: Yes. You can search by text, jump to a particular book or chaper, or even search by theme or topic (coming soon!).

Q: Can I save specific passages for future reference?
A: Yes. You can “favorite” a particular verse or tag it with a keyword of your choosing (e.g. marriage, work, inspriing) to better organize key passages. 

Q: Can I add notes to particular verses?
A: Yes. You can add a note / journal entry to a verse to capture your thoughts on the passage for future reflection. 

Q: Who is able to see the notes I add?
A: No one can see your notes. They are completely private unless you choose to make them public to share with others. Even then, the note is public but you will remain anonymous for privacy purposes. 

Q: Can I view others notes?
A: You’ll be able to see others notes on a particular passage if they choose to make them public. Passages with publicly available notes will be highlighted. 

Q: How else can I journal my thoughts?
A: In addition to adding notes to particular passages, you can simply choose to create a journal entry on a specific date, unrelated to particular scripture. In this way, StudyBible can work just like a standard online journal.